Healing & Wellness

Reiki Healing

Inner Balance Healing and Wellness offers Reiki treatments to assist in healing on several levels. Reiki is a known and proven holistic, hands-on healing technique. It works by helping the body to release anxiety, depression, stress and tension. It creates a feeling of deep relaxation allowing the body’s natural healing to accelerate. It releases muscle spasms and allows better blood flow. It stimulates the immune system and helps to cleanse toxins, bringing the body back to a more whole and balanced place. It also releases emotional blockages such as trauma and grief. Reiki can be an effective complementary treatment of acute or chronic illness or injury. Dennis Battersby, founder of Battersby Wellness Center, LLC & Inner Balance Healing Sanctuary has been utilizing Reiki for more than 20 years to help his clients find relief from a wide variety of afflictions.

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Energetic/Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is not faith healing. It requires no belief or faith whatsoever in the part of the person seeking healing. Nor is it necessary for the recipient to have the same belief(s) as that of the healer administering the healing. The only requirements that are helpful are that a person should be aware of their own well-being and that they continue any medical treatment(s) that have been prescribed by their medical professional.

Spiritual healing is defined as a form of healing by the use of forces and energy from God, channeled through the spirit world and a spiritualist healing medium by the laying of hands on the body or prayer or the direction of thought from a distance.*

A spiritual healer in attunement allows the divine intelligence to affect the healing most needed by the recipient, whether that be of body, mind, emotion or spirit. A healer serves as the medium through the healing power may work and is not the source of the healing.**

To simplify, Energetic/Spiritual healing is: Healing the comes from spirit, through spirit to spirit. In other words, from the Divine/God, through the healer, to the recipient.

The types of Spiritual Healing offered are Contact/Hands-on Healing, Absent Healing, or Distance Healing.

Contact Healing

Contact Healing is when the healer seeks permission to place their hands on to the patient during healing. Placement of hands typically is on the shoulders, the top of the head or on the upper back.

Distance Healing

Distance is the healing sent by the power of thought to someone who is physically present but not receiving contact healing.

Absent Healing

In Absent Healing the patient is not physically present and the healing thoughts and intentions are extended to them, wherever they are at that time.

Other Services

In addition to Reiki and Energy/Spiritual Services, Inner Balance Healing Sanctuary offers Ministerial Services in the form of baby naming, weddings, funerals and spiritual guidance.

*Source: The Spiritualist National Union of England
**Source: The Inner Quest Foundation