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The Healer at the Heart of it all.

Dennis Battersby is the founder of Inner Balance Healing Sanctuary in Erie, PA. Inner Balance Healing Sanctuary provides a place to start your journey of healing bringing balance and wholeness back to your life. We offer services and classes to enhance your ability to stand in your own beauty and inner strength.

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The Journey Begins.

After being introduced to the concept of holistic healing through his uncles and their chiropractic practices, Dennis Battersby decided to become a massage therapist. While in massage school, Dennis crossed paths with a classmate who was a Reiki Master and Practitioner. His interest in healing modalities other than massage was born. After graduation from massage therapy school, Dennis had the opportunity to choose courses for continuing education and chose Reiki. After seeing enhanced results in healing, he incorporated it into his massage sessions; and went on to become a Reiki Master and Teacher himself. He taught at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage in New Jersey for more than 16 years.

During those years of teaching, healing and self-discovery, he became a member of the Journey Within Spiritualist Church and became a Spiritual Healer. In 2010, Dennis attended a Healers Heart Retreat offered by the Inner Quest Foundation and began training as a Mediumistic Healer in the Oral Lineage Tradition. Dennis is also a registered healer at the Healing Temple in Lilydale, NY. And an International Healer at the Open Door Sanctuary in Victoria, British Columbia. In 2020, he embarked in the ministerial program at the Journey Within Spiritualist Church and was ordained April 24, 2022.

Inner Balance

Coming Into the Beauty of Wholeness

When it comes to healing, Dennis sees the entire client. After discussing each client’s concerns and healing needs, he works with them toward achieving personal individual balance with the goal of coming into the beauty of wholeness.


Facts and Credentials

Dennis graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS degree in Health Planning and Administration and is a graduate of the Institute for Therapeutic Massage certified in massage and personal training. In April 2022, Dennis completed a 2-year program and became an Ordained Minister with the Journey Within Church. He is a Mediumistic Healer, a licensed Massage Therapist within the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well as a Reiki Master/Teacher. Dennis has taught Reiki to hundreds of students in the New York metropolitan area since 2007. He is also a moderator for the Journey Within Healers Gathering that meets on Tuesday evenings. Beginning in 2010, Dennis has and continues to extensively study Spiritual Healing and Mediumship through the Inner Quest Foundation and the Journey Within.